6 Anarchy Minecraft Servers you should try this summer!

Minecraft has been around a little over a decade and it still has a huge dedicated fan-base. A lot of the fan-bases are split between the different server types. However, it is easy to find a server that fits your play-style.

Some servers allow players to play the game however they want. If you want to use hacks or cheats, well go right ahead. Other servers will have strict rules against cheating or hacking but no rules otherwise. These chaotic servers can offer endless possibilities and are known as Anarchy servers.

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, you may have heard of 2b2t. It is an old-school Anarchy Minecraft server - the OG. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to 2b2t these days that offer reduced queue times, newer server versions and extended features.

Let's get to the list, shall we?

1. 2b2t

Okay, technically this is not an alternative, but it is the original Anarchy Minecraft Server. 2b2t stands for 2builders2tools and was founded in December 2010. This server is pure chaos and many people consider it to be one of the best Anarchy Minecraft server. It currently runs on Minecraft version 1.12.

2b2t’s server has many players. The server currently has an average of 500 players daily. However, because of a lot of players are still playing, the player queue will be high, depending on the time of day. The player queue is usually 200 players long. If you want to see how wild this Anarchy Minecraft server can get, you will have to wait it out.

IP: 2b2t.org

2. Purity Vanilla

If you are looking for a less chaotic version of 2b2t, then Purity Vanilla might be a good alternative. Much like the name, the server prohibits anything that makes the game unfair to players on this server. Unlike, 2b2t which has no problem with hacks or cheats, Purity Vanilla ensures that no one is making it unplayable for others. 

They keep the server as vanilla as possible. So no hacks, dupes, or game-breaking glitches or exploits. While it is not on the level of 2b2t, still Purity Vanilla has an average of 100 or so players.

IP: mc.purityvanilla.com

Website: https://www.purityvanilla.com

3. Simply Vanilla

Simply Vanilla may have a small number of players, averaging around 20 players, but has a dedicated community. The discord community is active if you want someone to play or trade with. Because the player base is smaller compared to others, there are never any long queue times to wait for. Also, because the server is based in the central US, you and all players should have smooth gameplay and equalized ping if you are from North America.

Nether Roof is accessible for farms and world borders are vanilla.

IP: simplyvanilla.net

Website: https://simplyvanilla.net

4. 6b6t

One of the 2b2 copy cats (similar to 9b9t) - not much innovation, but still a respectable implementation and of course plenty of players consistently online.

IP: 6b6t.org

Website: https://www.6b6t.org

5. Uneasy Vanilla

Uneasy Vanilla is a "new-ish" server that was established in March 2020. The server is based in Europe and has most probably one of the most beautiful spawn from any Anarchy server out there.

Like other "Vanilla" servers, UV does not allow hacks. The founder of the servers says Uneasy Vanilla is a semi-anarchy/survival server and gives players the freedom to play Minecraft the way developers intended.

IP: uneasyvanilla.com

6. Lasergurkenland

I honestly do not know what to say about this server. Lasergurkenland has no players. Literally. It is the only Anarchy server that runs on a pure vanilla server that you can download from minecraft.net. A lot of duped items and withers can be found at spawn due to this.

IP: zillyhuhn.com

If you are looking for another chaotic Anarchy Minecraft Server or an alternative to 2b2t, then one of these on this list will have you covered. Be sure to try out all the servers, there is no harm in doing so. Get a feel if you like the culture or map. If you don’t then try another one. Be sure to pay attention to which servers allow for hacks and cheats depending on what you are looking for.

And remember: keep safe, do not trust anyone, do not get doxxed! Haha!

Escape spawn, survive your first night, get rich, make allies and conquer the world.